The Joy of Knowledge Unleashing

ID-10073330Accelerated by the information age, knowledge is becoming more dominant of the world’s economy. While a huge gap resides between developing countries and developed ones, bridging the breach seems more conceivable than it ever was. Education systems are at the core of building knowledge, it’s where human capital competences are developed. With holistic change around us and an immense knowledge evolving, students need to become active learners.
Student centered learning has a wide prospective, while some perceive it as an approach where students learn by doing, others debate that it happens when students have control over what to learn. However, regardless of the framework used to put students at the heart of learning process, the literature highlights it as a constructive approach, where power shifts from the teacher to the student.
Despite spreading out as an innovative learning strategy, student centered learning is not always utilized up to its ultimate potential. This approach of learning needs to be supported with critical pavement by educational leaders.
Active learning should be part of the vision and the strategic plan of the educational system. Decision makers and educational boards have to pursue on providing resources to support the approach. Moreover, curriculum need to be refined to become skill-based rather than content-based. Project-based learning, problem solving, empirical and critical thinking should be embedded in the curriculum, in addition it should be used as the methodology to deliver it. When you speak about student centered learning, you can never exclude the word “technology” as an information tube and as a research tool. Furthermore technology is the loader of e-learning which is student centered at heart.
Having this said, leaders should realize that technology tools availability should be supported by comprehensive training on how to efficiently integrate them in learning. Apparently Professional development comes first and comes last when change is introduced in education. Its crucial to discuss and showcase benefits behind this strategy. Once teachers believe in student centered learning they gain the magic wand to innovate a new era of learning.
Student-centered learning yields in lifelong learners who are independent, confident and ready to learn anytime, anywhere any pace anyhow. Learners would jump over the barriers to carry on with the race. A leader or a teacher should be confident enough to believe in student’s capabilities, this is how the latter thrives. Learning is not about absorbing knowledge, it’s about the power of human mind to explore and to live “the joy of knowledge unleashing”.

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Copyright 2015 Bashaer M. Al Kilani


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