How To Introduce Growth Mindset To Your students – Part (2)

IMG_2162In this article, I will share with you my answer to the question “What would be an efficient way to introduce the concept of Growth Mindset to students?” last spring I  conducted a workshop on Growth Mindset to my students and here is my reflection on it.

In part (1) of this article that you can visit here, I have discussed some of the methods used to introduce Growth Mindset to the workshop attendees. It is highly recommended that you read part (1) before proceeding to this part of the article. Students and teachers participated in the workshop where they were introduced to Neuroplasticity using this video here. A role-play scene evoked many questions to their minds; These questions  focused on how they can react to a challenge they would face in their academic life. The audience was engaged in a discussion to try to find out solutions to the problem. Next, I  have introduced an infographic showing Fixed versus Growth mindset and asked the audience to rethink the solution based on the infographic.

Sharing success stories

A couple of students were invited to share the secrets behind their own success stories. The audience was all ears. In addition, some effects made the sharing so impressive, such as light shades, background music and walking among the audience. Brief ‘question and answer’ session followed to urge reflection on the success stories.

Scenario-based team activity

Some tables were pre-arranged for team work. Stationary, guidelines, charts and some infographics were placed on them. I assigned some students to moderate the workshop and help attendees to form teams each of which had both students and teachers. Next a task has been announced: each team had to come up with a scenario that reflects a challenge situation that we might face in our lives. Moderators prepared some scenarios to help the teams such as:

  • You have failed your Midterm exam in Math though you studied very well
  • You have Tried so hard to do better in basketball training but the coach still puts you on substitution deck
  • You are a mother who has kids but still need to make it in your college life

The scenario template was as follows:

Your story is about someone who: __________

Compare the behavior of this individual in the given scenario as follows:

Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset

Team Members: ____________

In the end each team posted the comparison on a display chart and pinned it to a big shared board. Teams were given 20 minutes to finish the work and then 10 minutes to tour around and look at other teams’ final charts. Some honest and fruitful discussions took place between the different teams, which was the most interesting part of the workshop.



The “I believe” board

Team members were asked to write their reflection on a white board. The reflection was phrased as “I believe I will  ___________ “




Share tips on how to develop a growth mindset

One student had prepared some tips on how to develop a growth mindset and presented them to the audience. All of the tips can be found in my presentation that I have uploaded here and is previewed at the end of this article.

What started with fun ends with fun

One of the greatest ideas my students have come up with was the brainteasers, which was the warm up and the closure of our session. An essential part of the session was about neuroplasticity and brainteasers were the students’ own way to introduce the concept. The message behind the brainteasers was “Learning will ignite your brain”; It was a joyful start.We had arranged other light brainteasers to wrap up the session and everyone left with joy.

Display the products of the workshop around


For attendees to celebrate their hard work in the workshop, different teams’ charts along with the “I believe I will” board were moved to a display area where others can look and reflect on. It was one way to spread the positive vibes to others.

Slides of my presentation

Here is the presentation slides:

Useful Resources to use

All rights reserved to Bashaer M. Al Kilani @bashaierk © 2016



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